VR heat maps offer detailed insights for architects, designers and retailers

By October 26, 2017News

For those that are in charge of designing spaces that are going to be used for commercial and public activities, VR heat map looks set to greatly enhance the design process.

Now, Yulio technologies, has given architects, designers and retailers another.

VR tool to help them optimize their designs for the people that are actually going to use the spaces they create.

The company has launched VR heat map analytics that will show designers where people are looking as they walk through virtual representations of potential building projects.

Traditional heat maps are done using mouse movement, and therefore assumes that the user is being accurate in clicking on what they are actually looking.

By using VR not only can viewers look at a space in a much more free and natural way

Adding context to feedback

The key benefit of using VR heat map is that site lines and branding can be thoroughly tested before construction even begins.

Heat maps can also add some much-needed context to user comments and feedback. For example, a user provides infuriatingly vague feedback such as “something about the design just seems off to me”.

Whereas before, the designer would have to nod politely before finding a wall to punch in frustration, now the heat map will show that the user was focusing most of their attention on the borders between the floor and the walls.

Retailers will also be able to test store traffic patterns in a fairly inexpensive and accurate way.