Technacy Showcase in Bahrain Entrepreneurs Exhibition

By November 2, 2017News

Technacy Showcase in Bahrain Entrepreneurs Exhibition at Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center on 31st Oct and 1st Nov 2017, Shaikh Salman inaugurates the forum.

Technacy present the holographical concepts with single 1, 3, 4 faces holobox with different contents w.r.t different industries like, automotive, real estate, entertainment, exhibition and many more.

Poalim Digital Bank:

The First Digital Bank, in the world . Scope Of Work was implement a different types of powerful digital displays with multiple technologies, integration of synchronized content systems with a unique audio solution.

Theme park:

MIKCAFE’ Development of a new creative concept in a fun park for children.
Scope of work has been creating interactive gaming applications not only for fun but also for teaching through the game.

Trade Show Audi:

Car Exhibition Through a video mapping application, the new Audi show all the amazing performance in movement. Scope of work has been to show with a new technology effect all the features of the car.

Entertainment Exhibition:

Tubix Creative and funny installation in the exhibition center.Scope of work has been give life to a tube installations create by a famous international designer.

Visitor Center:

Digital signage installation in the stock exchange building . Scope of work has been to create digital info and interaction with the visitors.

Kids Interactive Drawings:

Interactive application installed with a touch screen led wall and scan. Scope of work was install an application where the kids can paint on the paper, scan it and have an interaction with their drawing on the wall .

Interactive Wall

Installation created for interactive content management. The touch wall was designed to be installed in the Lobby of Hotels, Airports, Public Offices and Mall.
Surface used completely interactive 3mtx2mt.