Technacy Introduce the New Holographic Fan Technology in Bahrain

By October 25, 2018News

Holographic Fans:

Technacy Introduce the New Holographic Fan Technology in Bahrain widely known as HOLOGRAPHIC FANS around the World.

The activation is carried out in Bahrain’s biggest shopping mall called CityCenter Bahrain CCB.

The content for the holographic fan installations can’t be imagined as pictures but rather as objects floating in air with a feeling of content particles exploding and coming closer to you.

The Holographic Fans can be used across all Sectors, all Verticals, all Businesses to introduce and market products, host 3D shows for launch events and a lot more beyond imagination!

The Holographic Fans come in different sizes starting from 46 cm all the way up to 1 meter displays.

More About the Technology

With the POV technology, Hologram 3D Visual Product is a kind of display equipment which can present holographic 3D visual effect through a series of high-density LED rotating objects imaging.

Our 3D Holographic Display utilizes POV theory to display figures and videos to human’s bare eyes. The spinning lines of color-changing LEDs produce 3D views in the air.

The device is energy efficient and made of the highest quality. By flashing LEDs at a high rate of speed, our eyes perceive a complete floating image. This successfully achieves a holographic effect.

The eye-catching 3D Hologram fans for wall mounted displays are created by a spinning single or double bladed fan with integrated LED lights flashing at various intervals to create floating 3D holograms.

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