Technacy Introduce Mixed Reality First Time in Bahrain

By May 10, 2018News

Technacy Introduce Mixed Reality for the First Time in Bahrain with official partner Activeme Belgium based company, hope first in middle east as well.

What is Mixed Reality?

One might have heard about the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), an updated and combination of AR & VR is known as Mixed Reality.

The developers have focused the attention to avoid the motion thickness issue with Virtual Reality as it will give experience as movement of content without interaction.

In case of mixed reality the visualization will be transparent as one can see the content as well as the real environment.

Who can benefited?

Clients from different industries could be benefited with this latest technology for example:

Real estate: For urban development the holographic models of the structure could be move from one location to another also interact with the object and play accordingly

Medical Application: Demonstrating the diagnostic procedure and critical operations, as each participant will visualize the content from his/her point of view.


Training/Seminar: Educational training/seminar presentation would be a unique way of teaching and learning. User can choose the language for training and listen the audio in selective language.

Fire & Safety: Safety first, can be a good concept for preparing the mixed scenes of fire & safety training campaign to educate the team to control the situation after the incident.

Automotive Industry: Launch with real car is not an easy job, same experience can be deliver with mixed reality in order to show with different colors, models and so on.