Technacy Exclusive Distributor for Amino Product

By January 28, 2021News

Technacy Exclusive Distributor for Amino:

As per Amino official communication, in the end of February 2021, Amino Storage in Europe (Holland) will be closed, so all the orders related to Technacy’s clients will be placed ex-work Bahrain.

Technacy have a possibility for our clients to place an order for different Amino products still from our EU stock till the 28th Of February 2021. After this date, all the orders will be ex-work Bahrain for Middle East and Europe.

Stock Availability:

  • Aria 7 – 1GB and 256 Flash Memory
  • H150
  • H140
  • Amigo 7x (AndroidTv)
  • Kamai 7x (4k)

Please do not hesitate to place the order here: