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Bahrain International Circuit

Huracàn EVO


In 2019, Lamborghini embarked on a global dynamic launch of their latest model, the Huracán EVO, at the Bahrain International Circuit. The event attracted esteemed members of the press from around the world, who were invited to test drive and experience the evolutionary Lamborghini model. Following their comprehensive driving experience on the track, a slideshow was created to showcase their thoughts and feedback.

Technacy, in collaboration with their European partner ActiveMe, was entrusted by Lamborghini to design and create the digital presentation of the new Huracán Evo using Transparent LED technology. During the event, Lamborghini’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, delivered a speech to vendors from around the world. He utilized the impressive technology of the transparent LED to create a live digital animation of the car, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The global launch of the Huracán EVO proved to be a resounding success for Lamborghini, and it provided Technacy with the opportunity to showcase their expertise in seamlessly blending beauty and technology. The use of transparent LED created a wow effect, capturing the attention of attendees and emphasizing Technacy’s ability to deliver impactful and visually stunning experiences.

This event not only solidified Lamborghini’s position as a leader in the automotive industry but also highlighted Technacy’s capabilities in creating immersive and innovative digital presentations. The combination of cutting-edge technology and the beauty of the Huracán EVO left a lasting impression on all those in attendance, reinforcing Lamborghini’s reputation for pushing boundaries and Technacy’s expertise in delivering remarkable experiences.

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