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BIC -Bahrain International Circuit

F1 Race – Gulf Air Grand Prix Bahrain


In 2023, Technacy proudly continued its support to the F1 race in Bahrain, in collaboration with Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). This year, Technacy partnered with its long-standing ally, ActiveMe, to develop an exciting installation in the F1 Village located in Adliya, one of the most popular tourist areas in Bahrain.

The highlight of the installation was the Interactive Paint Wall, a large LED screen measuring 10 meters by 5 meters. This innovative digital wall allowed users to select a car from the LED display and customize its color using a spray gun. Participants had the opportunity to create stunning F1 car artwork and share their creations on social media platforms, while also taking part in a contest to find the best F1 car artwork.

The Interactive Paint Wall installation generated significant buzz in Bahrain and within the F1 network. Its unique and engaging concept captivated visitors and motorsport enthusiasts, establishing Technacy as a key player in delivering cutting-edge experiences at F1 events. The success of this installation played a crucial role in Technacy’s partnership renewal with BIC and its involvement in other motorsport categories, such as Formula E.

Technacy’s commitment to innovation and providing memorable experiences for fans of motorsport has been recognized and appreciated by BIC and the larger F1 community. By consistently delivering exceptional installations and activations, Technacy continues to solidify its position as a trusted partner in the world of motorsports events

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