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Residential project

Al Yamama Compound Riyadh


Technacy is proud to announce the successful completion of a highly sensitive project for the implementation of an IPTV system at Al Yamama Private Compound in Saudi Arabia during Q2 2023. Al Yamama, managed by the renowned AL-Rashid group, is a prestigious and secure residential community that offers luxurious and homelike living experiences.

With our trusted local system integrator, MACC, Technacy successfully installed our comprehensive ecosystem, including the state-of-the-art Minerva Middleware and the entire headend infrastructure. This integration ensures seamless and efficient delivery of IPTV services to the residents of Al Yamama.

In addition to the core system, Technacy also developed a portable solution that allows the residents of Al Yamama to access their favorite playlist of channels no matter where they are within the compound. This added flexibility and convenience have been highly appreciated by the residents, enhancing their entertainment experiences and contributing to their overall satisfaction.

The successful completion of the Al Yamama project marks a significant milestone for Technacy. It not only showcases our expertise in deploying advanced IPTV systems but also paves the way for further expansion opportunities within the Al Yamama compound. We are excited about the positive impact our technology has made on the residential community and are committed to continually enhancing their IPTV experiences.

As a trusted partner, Technacy remains dedicated to providing exceptional service and support to Al Yamama. We understand the importance of maintaining the system’s performance and reliability, and our team is readily available to address any maintenance or troubleshooting needs that may arise.

We extend our gratitude to the CCPA for their trust and confidence in Technacy’s capabilities. The successful implementation of the IPTV system at Al Yamama Private Compound further strengthens our position as a leading provider of innovative and reliable solutions in the IPTV industry.

Technacy looks forward to continuing to expand its ecosystem in Saudi and exploring new avenues for collaboration to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of the residential community in Al Yamama and beyond.

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