We fuse design and technology empowering our clients to experience non-existing future environments.

We believe that Virtual and Augmented Reality will redefine not only the real estate industry but also industries such as education, entertainment, healthcare and hospitality in the coming years. Connecting arts and technology and creating extremely immersive experiences simulating real things/situations enabling users to interact with virtual environments is a colossal advantage for businesses of all sectors.

Augmented Reality

The smartphone has become an essential item opening up new brand activation opportunities using augmented reality. We create projects integrating digital information with the user’s existing environment in real time. Discover a hidden object, show animated content, control a virtual car…
From game to brand activations, through informative totems, we have developed a wide range of solutions for our clients.

Virtual Reality

Connecting arts and technology and creating extremely immersive experiences simulating real things/situations. VR is a world of its own incorporating a wealth of tools – head mounted displays, head trackers, motion trackers, data gloves, 3D controllers, haptic devices, stereoscopic 3D displays, VR domes and VR software. Virtual reality products are utilized by government, educational, industrial, medical and entertainment markets worldwide. The primary goal is to provide our customers with integrated solutions that deal with virtual reality applications.

Car Simulator

Thanks to our vast experience in the field, we’ve recognized a gap between clients’ expectations and reality; a gap that might damage the selling process or even worse – the total client experience. The client’s ability to imagine their future car relies upon so many factors, and it was a challenge to find a proper solution for that matter.

Our development team began working with the aim of providing a unique, realistic and professional experience that has no precedent in the growing world of automobile marketing, creating the interactive car simulator in form of a huge holographic installation with content created by our VR team.

Real Estate VR

A virtual Show Room for an interactive presentation of real-estate projects.

  • Expands the possibilities of showcasing a project and all of its merits, in one place and in real time.
  • Optimize presentation time and maximize effectiveness, by enabling an emotional and psychological connection between the client and the project.
  • A new generation platform, with focus on your business goals and all stages of promotion.