The core of the system is a DM 16×16 RPS Crestron Digital media, a fully modular and expandable 16×16 matrix switcher with redundant power supply, offering ultra-fast digital video and audio switching, and lossless HD multiroom signal distribution, for all types of AV sources. Particular care has been lavished on the realization part of the Sound, with in-ceiling speakers with colors that were following the architectural structure of the room. The audio system has a matrix that governs wireless microphone systems assignable by software to different areas of the room, allowing the optimization of resources and simplifying management.


Into the hall there is a big 3×3 videowall with 46” Ultra Narrow Bezel that give the welcome to the guest and an Audio system controlled by a Biamp Nexia Matrix. A PA system and the messages from the board room can be easily routed in the Hall. Wireless presentation and apple TV can easily viewed on the videowall.

For the board room, was provided a wireless conference system with 12 bases since the con guration of the room have to be exible. The award-winning Wireless Access Point (WAP) provides a consistently strong connection for a range of approximately

30 m (100 ft). Supervisor can monitor the battery and signal status of every wireless unit. The conference system interfaced with the videoconference codec and with 3 PTZ HD cameras, can automatically show an image of the current speaker.


From this room the AV signal can be distributed in every meeting room of the building, allowing to the board to communicate in real time to all the employees.
The visualization system is composed by n.4 Samsung 75” led monitor mounted on floor lift systems that makes it possible to safely raise the at panels out of the floor. With a simple touch on the touchscreen a small floor hatch opens and the at screen raises to viewing position. Once in position it is possible to rotate the at screen, the screen can be noiselessly rotated to face every seating position in the room. All the equipment in the room is controlled by a 10” Crestron touch panel and, for back-up, by the pc of IT supervisor and from iPad with custom graphic interface. The MMI can be easily control everything in the room: power on/off, input control, volume control and the lighting system control.


Outside every room there is a Crestron 4,3” touch screen connected with Crestron Fusion RV that enables facility and IT managers to centrally monitor, manage, and schedule AV presentation, video conferencing and capture resources. It can track device and room usage to schedule routine maintenance, provide realtime remote technical support and receive instant alert noti cations. Robust reporting features provide data to
make more effective purchasing and scheduling decisions. The widescreen display, perfectly sized for viewing and accessing essential meeting and scheduling information through an intuitive on-screen interface. Shortcut buttons on either side of the touch screen provide quick access to the most common scheduling functions. The screens are also backlit, illuminating green or red to indicate when the room is available or in use. The fusion server were installed on a virtual machine and allows to all the employees to reserve a room by their outlook interface.

An interface with a Gateway KNX allows to switch on/off completely the room with energy saving capability and preservation of the devices installed.


These 4 rooms are not destinated only to the meeting and training but also for the company’s event: thanks to another Crestron DM 16×16 is possible to have a room combining for the video signals and with a Biamp Tesira server the correct managing system for the audio. Three training rooms, Thanks to the ultimate Panasonic laser Projectors technology, brighter and sharp images can be showed on the inceiling screens even if the brightness level in the room is high due to the big windows of the building. In every room a 7” crestron touch panel control the Videoconference with PTZ camera.

Present Anything Without Wires: bring your own device needs are satis ed by a Crestron Air Media system so you can activate
a meeting or a collaboration session and share your content through the big screen without hooking up any wires. AirMedia supports Windows® and OS X® computers, as well as Apple® iOS and Android mobile devices. iPad® and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app.

In a big unique con guration the room can be a new conference room with Micro ex wireless system that provides elegant solutions for managing vivid, lifelike sound in AV conferencing environments by Dante protocol.

A mobile stand with new 80” SST allows to have interactive presentation on a big screen.


The advanced meeting rooms are equipped with a NEC monitor (46”-65”), matrix switcher, Lifesize videoconference codec and GUI on the iPad.


The standard meeting rooms have the same equipments of the advanced meeting room excluding Lifesize videoconference codec.