All media and all services in the cloud may be delivered by our ‘IPTV’ and ‘Set to BOX’.

Personalization, highly tailored content bundles, ease of content discovery and a responsive user experience are essential to attracting and retaining television subscribers. Service providers need new solutions to enhance their offerings and expand the reach of their pay TV services.

Minerva has certified best-of-breed solutions that enable service providers to evolve their legacy systems into next generation infrastructure for the delivery of advanced video services including IPTV, Hybrid TV, Multiscreen and OTT.

Set Top Box

A high performance hybrid HEVC client device with tuner options for delivering a seamless user experience that blends live and OTT services. It is powered by a 6K DMIPs processor, with up to 1GB of on-board memory to provide flexible options for cost-effectively delivering hybrid IPTV/OTT services across a range of IP and broadcast networks.


Technology advancements continue to drive consumer demand for a more interactive TV viewing experience. To a service provider this means constant updates as well as investments in the latest technologies that power IPTV applications while keeping cost, quality and performance aligned. Our series of compact View CD client devices provides a cost-effective platform for extending your services to support multiple TVs. You’ll no longer have to sacrifice performance for cost.