For Golden Gate Towers we created a VR simulation for one of their future real-estate projects enabling the end customer to explore their potentially future home in real time. This enabled our client to start the sales process of their real estate project in the most effective way – by presenting the project to potential buyers in terms of virtual tour giving the illusion that the property already exists.

A virtual Tour for the 2BHK, Lobby Area, Amenities at the Towers and the 360 of the Surrounding Landscape allowed our client to:

  • expands the possibilities of showcasing a project and all of its merits, in one place and in real time.
  • optimize presentation time and maximizes its effectiveness, by enabling an emotional and psychological connection between the client and the project.
  • changes real estate promotions and is a New Generation platform, that befits itself to your business goals and throughout all stages of promotion listed below:
    • Content production
    • Creativity
    • Interactive Design
    • Interior Design
    • Mixed Reality
    • Software development