Welcome to the world of our expert animators and graphic designers, providing customers with exceptional production services from concept to final product.

We have vast experience creating visual communication projects including animated advertisements and commercials, digital signage planning, interactive applications, mobile content, simulations , 3D content, and much more to create diverse projects.

Maecenas tells reality through a new form of communication, offering a new vision of the future between design, art and technology.

Maecenas wants to enhance our customers’ services and products beyond the common physical boundaries of traditional communication to help our partners create unique products. Maecenas through its network of 3d artists wants to be the bridge between creative and company, patron of the web age and a new interface that offers consulting services. Maecenas is a young team with a strong identity that is at the same time a liquid interface that gathers different aesthetic codes whose common denominator is the boundless space of the 3d art. Our team, starting from the development of the concept, aims to establish a dialectical relationship with the customer in order to combine needs with a new rhetoric with a high emotional impact: the new aesthetic language of 3D art, built on the history of contemporary design, wants to project the aspirations of our customers towards an increasingly digital future.

Maecenas, in harmony with the client’s brand identity, offers a high quality 3d and CGI service as well as the possibility of a work of art direction, media strategies and product study. Innovation, technology, creativity, in a word: 3D, the beating heart of Maecenas.


Treating your project as a unique piece ensures delivery of the highest quality for your brand. We prepare original concepts and storylines to meet your wishes.


By creating moodboards and detail-based styleframes, we guarantee consistency of the chosen style throughout an entire project. We are thrilled to provide creative guidance.


This is where we truly stand out. Our passion and drive never allow us to decrease quality. We specialise in top-notch textures, lighting and premium camera animation.


Rendering takes a long time. Prediction and planning in this phase is the key to avoid disaster. Using a studio, equipped with a high-end GPU render farm, we basically always got your back.


Our technical guidance throughout the project will never compromise any output, especially when it comes to delivery. We think logically and draw on our experience from many successful projects.


Every project needs special treatment once it’s rendered out. Our skills in creating audio visual experience give your project highly professional and impressive look.


Based on our experience in International Media Houses and Advertising Agencies, we provide professional project workflows which make the process easy, plus save your time and budget.