Jointly engineered by 3P Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric, the new control room system replaces 50 19” LCD panels with 20 of Mitsubishi’s latest 50PE75 LED-lit DLP cubes, driven by a Bilfinger-Mauell controller. The customengineered platform allows the CAU to continue to use its existing traffic management software, completely removing the need to commission a new solution or retrain its operators. Bilfinger-Mauell encoder system allow the existing 200 cameras in the system to be managed using the same, familiar, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controls, which means that it was not necessary to replace any of the existing analogue infrastructure. The new CAU display system also employs a Mitsubishi Electric programmable logic controller (PLC) and sensors to monitor the network and take appropriate action if faults are detected. Despite its complexity, the system can be easily controlled using a Crestron touch controller and software developed by 3P Technologies.
Autostrada del Brennero SpA
In addition to the new control room screen, Mitsubishi Electric also equipped four additional workstations with LCD monitoring, enabling supervisors and emergency services personnel to view any of the 200 camera feeds, plus information on incidents and road conditions. Two meeting rooms and a police monitoring station use Mitsubishi Electric 55” panels and another 55” is used to show the map of the highway.