MAIN ROOM (360 square meters, up to 550 seats)
Tablet with preset settings for the selfmanagement
of presentations and environmental settings. HD video with multistandard inputs; HD Video processor for the management of images on multiscreen; Digital Audio mixer; six 18’’ stem microphones for the convention speakers; 2 body radio-microphones pack kit with levalier and headset microphone; two radio-microphone kit with handheld transmitter; three full HD 22/24’’ monitors; divisible Dolbi Surround System (front/side/ceiling); Blu-ray 3D reader with USB 2.0 and SD slot, digital receiver, connection for external sources (HDMI/VGA). A 520×325 motorised screen that guarantees high quality image. Video projector Full HD, 10 meters long american trellis with energy power to light the stage.

GALLERY ROOM (Modular Gallery with two rooms and up to 100 seats)
Preset tablet available for the management of presentations and environmental settings; High resolution video with multistandard inputs and multiscreen image management; audio digital mixer; six 18’’ stem microphones available for the speakers table; 2 body pack radio- microphone kit with levalier and headset; 2 radio-microphone kit with hand transmitter; three 22/24’’ Full HD monitors; separable dolby surround audio system (frontal/lateral/ceiling); 3D blu-ray reader with USB and SD slot; digital receiver; connection for external sources (HDMI/VGA); two 215×134 cm motorised screen that guarantees high quality image; two video projectors Full HD.