Organizations should transition to Multicast distribution of Business IPTV

By March 1, 2023News

Since the pandemic, it has become clear that a hybrid model of working is here to stay. There has been significant growth in enterprise video traffic since 2020. Organizations in the region are wrestling with how to accommodate this increase in video data traffic without compromising network performance. But first, let’s go through the myriad applications of video for any growing organization.

  • Organizations rely on video to share important information with employees and other stakeholders, such as training material and policy updates.
  • Business performance meetings across geographies can also happen easily using video as a tool.
  • Workshops for employees and stakeholders can also be conducted via video, etc.

However, organizations need to understand that for video applications to be a fruitful endeavor, they need to make sure that there is enough network bandwidth, and the network should have high latency sensitivity.

Technacy’s Multicast IPTV solution allows any organization to cost-effectively use its existing multicast network to continue delivering business-critical video content across the network. Technacy’s IPTV platforms are flexible, robust, and scalable to fit any enterprise’s need. The platform can start with a simple setup, and as the company grows and develops, they can expand the platform to offer additional video solutions like video-on-demand and video archiving functionality.

The Middle East proposes new opportunities for organizations to scale up, and organizations must be prepared to embrace video content broadcast through multicast delivery on an enterprise-wide scale. Employees who require video as part of their day-to-day jobs will be able to be more productive, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reflecting positively on the bottom line. The industries that should find immediate use of being on IPTV include telecom companies, real estate development companies, medical, hospitality, military, sporting events, and many more. The application has both commercial and residential uses.

Technacy’s vision is to add value to enterprise investments in IPTV distribution systems by bringing high-quality, low-latency video experiences to desktops and laptops without further investment in physical hardware, set-top boxes, or smart TVs.

Is your organization ready to be a part of this revolution?