LG Whirlpool Holographic Washing Machine

By February 8, 2018News

LG Whirlpool Holographic Display

LG Whirlpool displaying holographic content interior operation as Holho Business Is designed for the Business world offering holographic structures for sales and marketing.

A new system of communication that allows to promote your products (with 3D effect) in an innovative way, unique on the global market, creating a great customer experience.

The challenge for LG was to have their product stand out among a large number of competitor’s machines in stores where all machines look the same.

The Idea was to create an eye-catching and self-explaining device. Combination virtual dynamic information and real object .

Using a bubble generator combined with a screen installed within the original machine itself explaining the features in a spectacular way was the perfect solution.

We created a jaw dropping, memorable customer experience which immediately grabs the audience’s attention.

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