Holographic Experience – Ariston, LG , Whirpool and Golan Westline choose Technacy and Cospe

By September 14, 2017News

The Holographic Technology inside the Home Appliances

Thanks to the intense collaboration between Technacy and Cospe Tech, our partner for the development of Holographic Structure, we are delighted to present our holographic line for home appliances .

Following years of research and development, we’ve launched the first holographic content inside home appliances such as Washing Machines, Ovens, Microwaves and more.

This new user experience, based on state of the art effects integrating 3D content with home appliances, attracts potential customers, builds strong branding and results in increased sales.

What is a Holographic Structure

The Holographic Structure is a display system with a modern design, able to host real objects inside the holographic space, in order to make them interact with the 3D generated images. Ideal for any display purpose, even for non-stop, around the clock use. The real object always remains clearly visible thanks to a directional low consumption led light.The devices are all plug and play, containing an integrated digital reader for playing video and content.

The holographic image quality is high definition (hr ready / full hd). Colors, materials and finishing are completely customizable.

Technacy and COSPE offers a comprehensive service that enhances the made in Italy, following internally the entire production process of Holographic Structure, from the acquisition of raw materials until the creation of the finished product.

The experience and knowledge of materials and processes, gained over the years, have helped to develop different designs for Holographic Structure, the branch COSPE TECH dedicated to the design and creation of innovative, high-quality technological and interactive for effective communication and impact.

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