Giant Interactive Wall in City Center Bahrain

By April 12, 2018News

Interactive Drawing for Automobiles:

Interactive Drawing for Automobiles, a unique and magical experience for children during the weekend of F1 2018 race in Bahrain. On a giant screen 10 meter width, 3 meter high for the children discover the different cars, bus, taxi etc.

We invite the children in one of the biggest shopping mall in Bahrain called City Center Bahrain to pick-up one of the drawing and color as they wish.

Then, they will scan their own drawing and it will be brought to the screen.

City Center Bahrain is one of the biggest and largest shopping mall in Bahrain. The shopping centre opened in 2008 and It claims 340 retail outlets, including the first Carrefour Hypermarket in Bahrain, and 60 dining outlets.

With special sound effect along with the different objects in the scene with sky scraper, air plane in motion with national flag with changing the weather conditions.

The effect will bring the attention for the visitors to attract with the innovative concept and experience the concept with information and entertainment.

Technacy with it’s official partner Activeme Belgium based company develop the innovative concept during the racing event in Bahrain and it’s a point of attraction these days.

This experience will be available for 2 weeks started from 8th April 2018.

A magical experience for children but also for adults !