Canon, Nikon, and the future of mirrorless cameras

By January 10, 2019News

They may be playing catchup, but the two camera giants think they have what pros want.

This has been a big year for the camera industry, with Nikon and Canon releasing their first professional full-frame mirrorless cameras. As the name implies, these cameras ditch the traditional mirror and moving parts of a DSLR for a more compact body. But Nikon and Canon’s models are a little late to the party, and Sony, Fuji and Panasonic have carved out a bigger share of the market.

Just as important though, Nikon and Canon’s mirrorless cameras also served to launch new lens mounts (and accompanying sets of lenses) from both companies. Lens mounts are at the heart of any camera and are generally standard for 30 years or more — an eternity in our current era of disposable tech. These new mounts were a tricky proposition. They had to enable future technologies without alienating pros who’ve spent thousands of dollars on existing lenses.

We sat down with Steve Heiner of Nikon and Drew Maccallum of Canon – both veterans of the photo world to talk about these new mirrorless cameras and what the future of photography has in store.