Awarness Campaign Covid-19

By March 12, 2020News

Awarness Campaign Covid-19

Due the current situation (with the GP F12020 canceled for visitors) and most of the public events shut down, as a digital company we thought the way how our clients they can communicate with their customers in order to create something social especially for the kids.

Here is the mobile application that we are about to publish in the coming days:

So the app development of a drawing in augmented reality is something we can do quickly even with extra drawings. We can probably have a similar app on the store within 10 days from the order confirmation (including the publication time).

Safety Tips:

The drawing could be a teddy bear and the AR animation could be the safety measures to protect from the virus explain by your nice teddy bear sneezing in his elbow, not shaking hands.

Like mentioned above we can customize the APP in order change the look and feel. The main scope of this project has to be focused on the Social Responsibility.